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Affordable Care Act Executive Order

The tax instructions for individual taxpayers for the past few years has been to indicate if the taxpayer had health insurance, were exempt or if they made a shared responsibility payment. Prior to the 2016 tax returns, the IRS had still processed … [Read more]

Getting married this year? Here is how it can affect your taxes:

1)Name changes Your names and social security numbers must match the records of the Social Security Administration. If you change your name you should report that change to the SSA. You need to complete and file Form SS-5 to ensure that your new … [Read more]

RICHuals of the Successful

Millington Zwygart is proud to be part of the 2nd annual Living Richly along with other members of Idaho's Money Show. Seating is limited for the great event. Click HERE for more information. … [Read more]

Collaborative Solutions Purchases Gibbons, Scott & Dean

Collaborative Solutions is proud to announce the purchase of a new accounting firm to its family.  Gibbons, Scott and Dean, LLP located in Caldwell, Idaho has successfully served the Southwest area of Idaho since its founding in August of 1956. … [Read more]

9 reasons why all entrepreneurs should work with an accountant.

1 - Focus on WHY you started your business 2 - Find work life balance 3 - A professional reputation 4 - It's vital to a company's success 5 - New Perspective 6 - They have reach 7 - Businesses need a plan 8 - They understand … [Read more]

Reason #9 why all entrepreneurs should work with an accountant.

Analyze data for growth and profitability opportunities. If all of your data is just sitting in a database and you’re not interpreting, analyzing or using it to help drive your business direction and decisions, you’re missing out on a great … [Read more]

Reason #8 why all entrepreneurs should work with an accountant.

They understand tax. This may seem obvious, but keep in mind that rules and regulations change frequently, and it’s tough if not impossible for any business owner to keep up with it all. Most small business owners admit that accounting and … [Read more]

Extension of Time To File Your Tax Return

Ok, don't panic.  It is April 10 and you are not ready for the tax deadline.   Need more time to prepare your federal tax return? File an extension. Please be aware that an extension of time to file your return does not grant you any … [Read more]

Reason #7 why all entrepreneurs should work with an accountant.

Businesses need a plan.     One reason thousands of businesses fail every year is because they didn’t have a plan. When asked why, they said, “I just didn’t know where to start.” This is where an accountant comes in. A good … [Read more]

Reason #6 why all entrepreneurs should work with an accountant.

They have reach. Don’t underestimate how valuable it is to receive guidance from someone who has insight and knowledge across hundreds of businesses and industries. Accountants not only get to see the financial information of many businesses … [Read more]