Start of Tax Season

The Internal Revenue Service announced yesterday that they will start accepting tax returns on January 31, 2014.  You can see the press release on their website. The reasoning is the government shutdown earlier in the year. How does that affect you? It may not affect you. I will still be working and visiting with clients in the month of January.  Don’t wait to get your information to me.  I can still get the return prepared, just not filed until the 31st.

The interesting part for me is that the 2013 tax law was signed into law on January 2, 2013.  What have these people been doing all year? Did they decide in August to start writing code and checking the system? The month of December is crazy for me.  Not just because of Christmas, but because my clients expect me to be ready to do work January 2nd. I get that the shutdown could have delayed it by a week or so, but to wait almost an entire month?

Just in case you are curious, I won’t file any returns I have ready on the 31st of January.  Can you imagine the overwhelming number of returns that will be filed that day?  This past year they opened filing on January 30th and it took three days for the IRS to process the backlog of e-filed returns. This could be a very interesting start of tax season.