Getting married this year? Here is how it can affect your taxes:

1)Name changes
Your names and social security numbers must match the records of the Social Security Administration. If you change your name you should report that change to the SSA. You need to complete and file Form SS-5 to ensure that your new information is recorded correctly.

2)Tax filing status
If you are married as of December 31, you are considered married for the entire year. You and your spouse can choose to file your federal income tax return either jointly or separated each year.

3)Change tax withholding
Because your filing status and possibly your name has changed you should also complete a new Form W-4 and provide it to your employer. If you and your spouse work, your combined incomes may result in moving you into a higher tax bracket. If you are unsure if it will, contact your tax professional and they can help with this issue.

4)Address change
Let the IRS know that you address has changed by sending in Form 8822. It is always a good idea to notify the USPS of that as well to forward your mail to your new address.

5)Change in circumstances
If either you or your spouse, or both, purchased a Health Insurance Marketplace plan and are receiving advance payments, you need to report your change in circumstances to the Marketplace. Reporting the change will help you get the proper type and amount of financial assistance. If you fail to do this you may have to repay some of the advanced credit that the government paid on your behalf for your insurance.

6)Select the correct form
Now that you are married, you may find that you have enough deductions to itemize and save some additional money on your taxes. Knowing if you can file on different forms can save you some taxes dollars.

Additional information and original details can be found on the IRS website